SENGOKU Official News "Sengoku Hattori release on Oct 6th on YYE"

Very limited first run.

With a resemblace of a Shuriken, this design pays homage to Hattori Hanzo, the most famous and bad-*** Ninja from the Sengoku era.

This is not just a cool looking gimmick, the holes are not cosmetic. The holes are there for weight distribution. It is extremely stable, specially at horizontal play. With steel rings to give it great power.
It makes an extremely cool sound when played (plus you can see through the yoyo while is spinning!).
And no, it doesn´t cut the strings :stuck_out_tongue:
Great blend of performance and aesthetics.

That is one slick looking yoyo

Aluminum 7068, the strongest Aluminum alloy, even more than Alumigo Hard, more than some steel alloys, and lead free!

More details later :slight_smile:

You guys are starting a sort of yoyo evolution here. Bringing in a great bi-metal, then a tri-metal, then the first Alumigo Hard, and now 7068? That’s awesome.

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It’s jus so great to see a company that is actually innovative. No one else seems to be pushing forward as much as Sengoku. I’m looking forward to buying this one.

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While I agree that Sengoku is pushing forward with the use of different metals. Other companies are still pushing the designs of mono metals and bi-metals. I always think: hey this yoyo is the best out there, no reason to buy another.

But then someone comes out with an awesome design that just begs to be purchased and played.
I say we need both! Someone to push the boundaries of different mediums that are used to make yoyos.
And people to keep pushing and refining the process with the current kinds of metals we use.

Competition is good, and I welcome anyone trying to create something new, fun, and beautiful.
Thats why we no longer have just throws with high walls etc etc. The design language has changed over the years and I hope to keep seeing it change.

Sengoku I love what you guys are doing, keep it up because this is a very exciting time to be in this hobby!

BTW, I will most likely be buying your new throw! 7068 is to interesting not to try. :slight_smile:

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A yoyo that may or may not be intentionally named after my favorite swordsman in anime ever?

I’m sold.

Edit: I’m curious to know the truth. What’s the story behind the name of the Kenshin?

Sorry for disappointing you, the name is after Uesugi Kenshin, He was one of the most powerful lords of the Sengoku period. While chiefly remembered for his prowess on the battlefield Kenshin is famed for his honourable conduct, his military expertise, a long-standing rivalry with Takeda Shingen.

All Sengoku yoyos are based on real characters relevant in the Sengoku era, the character you like, Rorouni Kenshin is fictional and is from the Meiji restoration era, much later than Sengoku. :slight_smile:

^I didn’t know that! But, that’s cool.

That’s still very very cool. Kenshin was most likely named after the real Uesegi Kenshin, though, but his character is based off of Kawakami Gensai from the late Edo-early Meiji era as I recently learned.

I’m still very excited for this yoyo!

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Should have name it the Sengoku Kenshiro.

I gotta make an article of that yo-yo on Yo-yo Wiki right now!!!

I’ve yet to try any Sengoku models outside of the Nobunaga (which is an immaculate yoyo), but it’s incredible to see a relatively new company take chances with virtually every new release in the name of innovation and really setting itself apart with a unique catalog of yoyos. Each one appears to have had the potential to set a new standard. Sengoku is a company to watch, and buy from, and play.


Here some pics.

Introducing Kenshin “Mad Mecha-Ninja” colorway, Gunmetal grey + Turquoise Acid Wash with navy blue and green splashes. (the last picture looks brown, but is because of the floor color and light that makes the gunmetal grey look brown)

OMG when do these come out i need some :smiley:


Sengoku Musashi is coming on Friday.

Want. Really badly. :slight_smile: