OG Kenshin by Sengoku returns!


Sengoku is a new company based in Nagakute, Japan creating some amazing high performance yo-yos with a cool story. The name Sengoku is an era in Japanese history when the country was in an internal war of samurai clans, finished only when Japan was unified by the Shogun. Keeping this history in mind, Sengoku is naming their yo-yos after the most notable Samurai leaders, and the latest yo-yo is the Kenshin!

Uesugi Kenshin was a pioneer and one of the most powerful lords of the Sengoku period remembered for his prowess on the battlefield and famed for his honourable conduct and military expertise.

Silver-Kenshin Silver-Kenshin-2 Silver-Kenshin-3

Sengoku, tasked with creating a yo-yo unique and powerful enough to live up to the Kenshin name, sought out a completely new alloy to create their latest design - 7068 Aluminum. 7068 Aluminum is an amazingly strong Aluminum alloy that actually has a better weight/strength ratio than grade 5 Titanium! This allows for weight distribution that feels similar to Titanium without the crazy Ti price tag.

The Kenshin is the first mono-metal yo-yo Sengoku has made and it fits perfectly in their lineup alongside all the high performance multi-metal designs. It plays fast, stable, and has a light presence on the string. Comfortable in the hand with a feel that just begs you to keep throwing, the Kenshin is a serious game changer!


IG Clip of @edhaponik using this yoyo from one of my favorite videos “The Bearings”