SENGOKU Official News "Sengoku Hattori release on Oct 6th on YYE"


So… yesterday I’m walking down the 17 steps from my house to my truck and about halfway down, the mailman hands me a small package and asks me to ‘sign here’.:flushed:

30 seconds later and I would have been driving down the street. Amazingly accidental timing or Santa in Stealth mode; dunno🤔

Stuck in traffic in the way to work; out came the blade and open was the box🙀
Only takes me less than an hour to get downtown in heavy traffic. But when I laid eyes on the Musashi, it was the longest drive of my life.

As soon as I clocked in, I walked to the parking lot with no security cams and started throwing the New Sengoku.

Musashi, historically, is known as one of the greatest Sword fighters in Japan or probably anywhere for that matter.

After throwing this yoyo around since yesterday; I’m thinking that Julio might be eventually known as the greatest Yoyo Maker in the History of Japan(not counting Shinobu of course🤓).

…There are so many excellent yoyos available today. Chances are if you are a regular yoyo player, that while you are reading this post; you have an excellent yoyo within arms reach of your keyboard.

But that being said; I am compelled to tell you guys that this Musashi is simply Awesome. I have some really good yoyos at my disposal. This yoyo is a match for anything I have.

Crazy good yoyo…


I´m glad you liked it! Is flattering to hear that from someone that has been in the yoyo industry longer than most. Thank you!


Hattori release Oct 6th.


Can’t wait for the release!!

I have a Kenshin and a Masamini, and love them both.


Just sold out a few for pre sale, but the official release of first run will be Oct 6th. Will be available here at YYE.


I saw October 6th above, but somehow it didn’t register.

Hmm, my birthday is 10/09…


I changed my post, so it wouldn’t mislead.


The Hattori has peaked my interest! What are those specs though? and price point?


Diameter: 56.5
Width: 43.5
Weight: 64 gr
Rings: SS