Sengoku Hideyoshi specs

Recently ordered a Hideyoshi (my second-most expensive yoyo yet, just behind my pre-ordered Axis Salti) and noticed different sources with different weights of this throw (both weights being right up my alley for a bimetal). YYE says that it’s 62.22 grams, and the tackle shops say they’re 63.6 grams. Is the 63.6 grams more of the actual weight or is it 62.22?

I am not saying the digital scale reading above is ‘off’.

There just seems to be a few weights mentioned here and there.

Julio is a good friend; So I will ask him to chime in…:grin:
Something from the spec page>

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Most yoyos will vary a little from run to run, sometimes even within the same batch. I wouldn’t concern myself over a gram difference.

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maybe my weight scale isn’t too precise (it was still tare at zero), I just wanted to say that the manufacturer declares 63.6gr, and by weight we are more or less there, so I exclude the yye data of 62.2gr

If I had one I would weigh it, but they’re sold out here. Like Kyo said, weights tend to vary even within the same run. We typically just weigh one yo-yo, not multiple, so it could be slightly off.

Either way, you probably won’t notice the difference between 62/63 grams. Just enjoy the yo-yo, Hideyoshi was a fun one!