Sengoku Hideyoshi specs

Recently ordered a Hideyoshi (my second-most expensive yoyo yet, just behind my pre-ordered Axis Salti) and noticed different sources with different weights of this throw (both weights being right up my alley for a bimetal). YYE says that it’s 62.22 grams, and the tackle shops say they’re 63.6 grams. Is the 63.6 grams more of the actual weight or is it 62.22?

I can honestly say once you throw the yoyo you genuinely won’t be able to tell either way and it won’t matter. The yoyo does not feel either 62 or 63 grams. It doesn’t feel light or heavy and has a strangely soft feel.

Congrats on the purchase, the Hideyoshi is the single greatest performing yoyo I’ve ever used.

You can find 63.4 to 63.8 Hideyoshis due to the tolerance and 4 rings. also, it might vary slightly if you change the bearing/pads, but definitely is not below 63 grams. :slight_smile: