Selling Strings!!!!

I’ll be selling strings. READY TO SELL!!
THINGS TO READ: First off, give me your order first, and then, when I told you I’ve shipped, then pay me. This is because I’m still in school, and might not be able to complete all strings that quickly. That way, if anything goes wrong, I don’t have your money and you not have your strings.

#2: I will not be tying a loop at the top of the strings. If you want, you can tell me to tie a loop, but to me, that’s a waste of time. No one uses loops on strings. People cut it off, and then tie a new loop by themselves. If you do not PM me, the string will come with only an OVERHAND knot on top.

#3: Paypal only, and please add 50 cents to each order to cover shipping/paypal deductions. [/b]


So what I’m going to be selling, and for what price. (I’m new to this, so any suggestions would be appreciated)

Basic Strings: These are thin, pretty thin, around 3/4 of a highlight. They are tough, and hard to break. Pretty stiff, little bounce, and has great durability. Best for whips and slacks, although they’re great for any other tricks as well. Personally I prefer these over highlights, because they feel more solid, and bouncy string isn’t as precise for me.
WARNING: THESE STRINGS ARE STIFF. Not overly stiff, it’ll play pretty well. But it’s a lot stiffer than highlights. Some people say like Alchemy’s.

One Tone String- One color. Currently Black, Red, Neon Green, and Neon Orange. (50 Cents)
Two Tone Strings- Two Colors. Currently any mix of Black, Red, Neon Green, and Neon Orange. (60 Cents)
For more colors, whether a mix for one string, or a different color than what I have, ask.

The INDESTRUCTIBLE: These strings have plastic blended in. Looks like a normal string, but is stiffer, and holds loops way better. Will last a really long time. As in really really long time. Really. Stiff, a little rough, but it gets better after awhile. At first, tension is horrible. Play with it awhile, and it’ll get better. It’s still a little worse than highlights, but to me, bad tension is a good price for the pros. Also, there’s a loop of plastic running all the way around the string, so it’s rare that it’ll break. Made of polyester and plastic.

One Color- 75 cents
2 colors- $1

Glow in the Dark. GLOW IN THE DARK IS AVAILABLE, but will be very expensive. It costs $2 in materials… so I’ll be selling it for like $2.50 each.
Post anything below. Questions/Suggestions.

Oh, and they’ll come around 4 ft long. If you want longer, tell me. Free of charge. (Unless it’s like 100ft or something… then we’ll talk.) ;D

If you want any other blend (Silk, cotton, nylon) then PM me. As long as it’s used in sewing threads, I should be able to make it.

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I’ll have to hit you up when I get paid :smiley: I’d love to try some :smiley:


Question: how much is shipping.

Add 50 cents… I just need 1 stamp. I think.

yes, just 1 stamp

Will you do bulk orders?

Not BULK BULK, but I will do Bulk… PM me please.

Those strings looks sick! Great job.

Oh, and I could do 2 colored Indestructible strings now.

BADUMP! Selling! Reviews Coming Out Soon! New Pictures!