Selling string

So I’ve decieded to sell homemade string. I have pictures in the link so look and see what you want. I’m currently selling the red and blue, blue and green (Dark), red blue and green, and the green and red. The string is soft, smooth, 100% polyester, and totally handmade. 5 packs are about $4.50, and i ship in little baggies. If you’d like some string,pm me and we can work any problems out. I know I would want someone to ship to me first, but I put a lot of time and energy into making string perfectly and want people to mail me the money first, in a birthday card. If you buy in bulk, you can get string cheaper of coarse.
                    Also, I can customize the brightness of the colors. tell me the number of the color that you want, and I’ll make that for you. For example, if you want blue and red, if you say 4 red and 2 blue( the colors have to add up to six…) the red will be more defined than the blue. So 3 green and 3 blue will have equal colors. If you’re confused, pm me and we can talk. It’s unfortunate, but i don’t have paypal.

Thanks for reading!!! I also would only like to ship to the U.S…

Hello,im turtleyos bro and his string is legitly good i tested his string it lasted for about 3 1/2 month before it snapped so his string is pretty good.

I bought some new thread yesterday.Request something and I’ll make it. I have, dark green,navy blue,light blue, red, and white. So pick a combination if you want.

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In looking at you stuff. It looks like you do a pretty decent job, but on pic 5 your string looks a little loose. Do you have a manner to test the tension in of your wound threads in order to ensure each string has a fairly similar tension. (If not I’ve got a little advise for yahs.) Though I must admit you color scheme looks very nice.

Now I am something of thread tycoon, and I am curious as to what thread you use to make your strings. If it’s not some kind of secret I would love to know what you have, and what varieties you offer.

One last thing as a former string maker myself. If you want REALLY BRIGTH NEON colors let me know. I’ll give you a link to a very reliable thread/craft store that sells neon colors online.
Update (A couple of other people have asked about the link so I figure why not post the link here.)  45,46,47,55 are the bright stuff I found to be the most effective. This group is the largest distributor I have been able to find so you may even want to look at all their other stuff as well.

Yep the cake is a lie.

The string fox says, " buy more string" :smiley:

Birthday card?! Are you serious bro?! Come on

Because sending cash, in the mail, in a card, before we get anything seems rather sketch

eh, fair enough, but you have to have some trust on the bst. I’m just doing this to mainly pay for thread costs.