Selling most of my collection! LOW PRICES, Make me offers! *New Yoyos Added*


I’m making a major decision by doing this, but I believe it must be done. I’m selling most of my collection to better my future, a.k.a Don’t get a college loan :slight_smile: I work hard during college and outside of college and I am refusing to get a loan. So here goes most of my collection. I’m keeping my top 6 favorites, which aren’t listed, so it’s not like I’m quitting.

I’m leaving this up to the people to make me a fair offer. I won’t let them go if the price isn’t reasonable.

Here’s a list of what I have:

Row 1: Aviator, Shu-Ta, Gambit,Canvas
Row 2: Quake, Al7 Albatross, Nessie, Sense
Row 3: Free Hand (John Higby Painted), Freehand, Whip
Row 4:FreakHand (custom caps), some sort of Younkee
Newly Added: Majesty (custom purple/black fade ano)
Please message me for information on the condition of the yoyo, as well as making me offers. Package deals are advised if you want a better deal :slight_smile:

Pending/Sold Yoyos:


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