Selling My Collection

Hello all on the BST. I have recently given up my yoyoing career. I am selling most of my collection for any who are interested. All deals must be some sort of money because I will not be trading. Here’s a list of what I have. Message me for any extra pictures you might need and/or pricing deals or any other information or questions. Add roughly $5 to any price for shipping.

CLYW Chief (Camp Caribou) - M w/ box $110 [SOLD]
One Drop Gradient (Dragon Slayer) - NM w/ box $70
Tropic Spins Shipwreck (Banana Spaceship) - M w/ box $80
MonkeyFinger Caesar (Green w/ Orange & Yellow Splatters) - NM no box $70
YoyoRecreation Draupnir (Polished Silver) - Vibey no box $90 [SOLD]
One Drop Benchmark O 2013 (Green w/ Silver Fade & Purple Splatter) - M w/ box $40 [SOLD]
Duncan Strix (Polished Orange) - M no box $25
YoyoFactory Flight (Translucent Green) - NM $20
Yoyo Factory Shutter (Black and Yellow) - The axle is coming out of one side completely and there are dents all over, but it still plays properly. Total beater $10
Duncan Bassacuda (Red & Silver) - M no box $30
BBYY Bully (Half Blue w/ Black Splatters Half Silver) - NM no box $30 [SOLD]
Civility (Green) - M no box $55
Whimsy Metal Loopers (2)(Silver) - M w/ bags $5 each [SOLD]
YoyoExpert Medium Bag (Black)(Holds 12) $15 [SOLD]
Werrd Belt Clip Yoyo Holder (2)(Blue) $3 each

I also have a bunch of Epic Unicorn String, CLYW spacers, extra bearings, and bearing lube that I will sell with the yoyos for dirt cheap for anyone is interested. I’ll also throw in some homemade string with any purchases upon request at no extra cost.


Still got that draupnir?

PM me about the holders please

PM me about the the flight