Selling My Collection

Hello all on the BST. I have recently given up my yoyoing career. I am selling most of my collection for any who are interested. All deals must be some sort of money, because I will not be trading. Here’s a list of what I have. Message me for pictures and/or pricing deals or any other information or questions. Add roughly $5 to any price for shipping

CLYW Chief (Camp Caribou) - M w/ box $110
One Drop Gradient (Dragon Slayer) - NM w/ box $70
Tropic Spins Shipwreck (Banana Spaceship) - M w/ box $80
CLYW Big Dipper (Mint) - M w/ box $20
MonkeyFinger Caesar (Green w/ Orange & Yellow Splatters) - NM no box $70
YoyoRecreation Draupnir (Polished Silver) - No Damage, Vibey no box $90
One Drop Benchmark O 2013 (Green w/ Silver Fade & Purple Splatter) - M w/ box $40
Duncan Strix (Polished Orange) - M no box $25
YoyoFactory Flight (Translucent Green) - NM $20
Duncan Bassacuda (Red & Silver) - M no box $30
BBYY Bully (Half Blue w/ Black Splatters Half Silver) - NM no box $30
Civility (Green) - M no box $55
Whimsy Metal Loopers (2)(Silver) - M no box $5 each
YoyoJam Unleasheds (2)(Blue & Red) - NM no box $5 each
YoyoExpert Medium Bag (Black)(Holds 12) $15