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Hello all on the BST. I have recently given up my yoyoing career. I am selling most of my collection for any who are interested. All deals must be some sort of money because I will not be trading. Here’s a list of what I have. Message me for any extra pictures you might need and/or pricing deals or any other information or questions. Add roughly $5 to any price for shipping.

CLYW Chief (Camp Caribou) - M w/ box $110 [SOLD]
One Drop Gradient (Dragon Slayer) - NM w/ box $70
Tropic Spins Shipwreck (Banana Spaceship) - M w/ box $80
MonkeyFinger Caesar (Green w/ Orange & Yellow Splatters) - NM no box $70
YoyoRecreation Draupnir (Polished Silver) - No Damage, Vibey no box $90
One Drop Benchmark O 2013 (Green w/ Silver Fade & Purple Splatter) - M w/ box $40
Duncan Strix (Polished Orange) - M no box $25
YoyoFactory Flight (Translucent Green) - NM $20
Yoyo Factory Shutter (Black and Yellow) - The axle is coming out of one side completely and there are dents all over, but it still plays properly. Total beater $10
Duncan Bassacuda (Red & Silver) - M no box $30
BBYY Bully (Half Blue w/ Black Splatters Half Silver) - NM no box $30 [SOLD]
Civility (Green) - M no box $55
Whimsy Metal Loopers (2)(Silver) - M w/ bags $5 each [SOLD]
YoyoExpert Medium Bag (Black)(Holds 12) $15 [SOLD]
Werrd Belt Clip Yoyo Holder (2)(Blue) $3 each

I also have a bunch of Epic Unicorn String, CLYW spacers, extra bearings, and bearing lube that I will sell with the yoyos for dirt cheap for anyone is interested. I’ll also throw in some homemade string with any purchases upon request at no extra cost.


Any pics? Would be nice to see what we’re potentially paying for here :eyes:

(Patrick Morgan) #18

I am going to be honest and this will be harsh. The polish job on that “draupnir” is terrible and since the logos have been sanded off, there is no way to legit check it against the fake ones. I will give you $50 shipped for it, mostly just because I want to finish polishing it.


Still available, PM me for paypal info


Yeah, I’ve already had like 12 offers for it all at 90 and the logos aren’t sanded off you can still see them in less harsh lighting I can send you a picture if you want. Also I understand the polish job sucks I didn’t do it myself, I traded for it.

(Joshua) #21

Fake ones? :joy: bro, they’re only 205$ it’s not like Roseville glass. No shop can produce more than 10 “fake” replicas and even if they did it would ruin them as everyone of our nit picking jack asses would wreck them at second glance. It would take someone of extraordinary “special” abilities of skill and not giving af to pull off.



To be fair there was a real rash of counterfeit draupnuirs closer to 2013-2014. Not so much today though. Try a forum search

(Patrick Morgan) #23

There were enough fakes that every time I see a special edition colorway for sale, the issue still comes up about it potentially being fake. If I didn’t see it at least once a month, I wouldn’t have brought it up. Oh, and you can go buy one off of Taobao right now, if you wanted.

The high price is exactly why the Chinese factories counterfeit it and they got so good that the only way to verify is to compare the lettering on the box and laser engraving. You don’t need “special abilities” when you have the means to manufacture the things. Even then, it’s difficult to tell. What’s the perfect way to hide that it’s fake? Sand off engraving, and throw away the box.

I don’t think the seller is trying to dupe us, by the time that a fake is unearthed, it’s been passed on to the third owner. I just feel that this specific example isn’t worth the price he is asking because of the condition it is in, and I stated my reasons why.

Anyways, someone may want a beater Draup and be fine with the price. GLWS.

(Joshua) #24

Who actually brokered them. How did this community not find out?! Who was selling these.

I appologize for my tone, love everybody I don’t like seeing anybody being taken advantage of.

Fill me in - if it’s more than 2 years let’s the slipnir dogs lie.


Yeah I’m in now way trying to cheat anyone here. This is just the condition it was in when I traded for it :man_shrugging:t2:

(Jim Honaker) #26

I wonder what the original price on the Gradient was. The $90 for todays is for a limited special edition Gradient they had made for YYE. It’s a cool story but they were supposed to be put up at the 1 year anniversary but didn’t. That may not be the market price for the original Gradients.

(Patrick Morgan) #27

One Drop has a release article stating that solids were $79. I can’t find price info for splash Gradients, but looking at other models, it’s probably safe to assume the MSRP was closer to $100.

As for market price, I don’t really want to speculate, but it’s definitely a buyers market these days.

(Jim Honaker) #28

Your probably right then. Looking at the price difference between solid and splash it could have been $95-$100. I actually bought one of the anniversary ones and was not really into throwing when the original came out. That’s why I was curious. I think you have priced fairly give or take a few. I don’t throw mine much but it is unique and performs extremely well.

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(Bear) #37

this might help decide which way or the other with the Draupnir.

Id really like a raw Draupnir but without proof its genuine and the fact it has vibe i think that you’ll be lucky to get $90 for it.


That’s fine. Again when I traded for it the engravings were clear as day, but after polishing it poorly because I didn’t care to clean it up after I couldn’t fix the vibe, the engravings became very faded since there is no longer an anodized coating on the throw. If you don’t want it that’s cool, but there’s no need to throw any shade on my post lol even if that wasn’t your intention

(Colin Forbes) #39

I’ll buy your chief

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Sounds good. PM me fore info



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