Stuff for FS/FT! Downsizing Collection.

Hey guys here’s my collection fs/ft! Offer anything! I’m really trying to downsize my collection to just have a few really nice yoyos that I absolutely love instead of having a bunch of good yoyos so that way I can focus on tricks more than which yoyo to throw :rofl:. Plus it can be a pain to keep so many of them well maintained and performing at their best. So if you have a higher end yoyo and are interested in trading it for a few of mine that would be perfect! Pm or text me for more pictures or info. If you are selling stuff i have in my want list please let me know. Oh I’m also now in need of string, bearings, and some yoyo gloves would be great too. So if you gots some we can definitely work that into a trade or sale. Thanks for looking guys!

Ps: I would like to thank the whole yoyo community for being so nice and helpful. It is so awesome how united and nice the community is as a whole. Keep it up guys :blush::+1:

My wants:
Higher end throws.
Recess vacation.
C3 radius.
Iyoyo firrox.
Core co standard.
Yyf edge.
Ti dream.
Core co tako.
Horizon ultra.
Anything you have to offer😁

Text me or pm for offers five-4o 60seven three410

Manatee is gone.
Atlas gone.
Shutter gone.
G5 gone.

Nice yo-yos moron

Thanks fp.

Thanks for the bump.


I also have a recess diplomat that’s red and green in good condition I might would trade.

Bump. I’ll trade the diplomat for a gamma crash.

Bump. Really want a C3yoyodesign gamma crash.

Manatee still available.
Really want a yyf G5 with the green red yellow and blue hubstacks

Peculiar penguins poop purposefully.

Gallivanting giraffes gallop gracefully.

Bump now selling stuff make an offer. Thanks :grin:

Bump atlas is back. Now trying to sell some. Just make an offer. The worst I can say is no. :grin::+1:



Bump. Really want kendamas.

Bump! added c3 radius to want list.

Bump! Added vacation to my want list.

Bump! Atlas trade pending.

Atlas gone! Added firrox to my looong list of wants :joy: