almost my whole collection

Offer up literally anything yoyo related or cash, the worst I can do is say no. biggest wants are anything nickle, anything purple, 7075 chief, yyf avantgrade (none b grade), or anything titanium.
There are 3 groups 1 being the easiest to get 3 being the hardest to get. Most of the yoyos are mint but some have dings condition and better pics upon request (ask and you shall receive).

group 1
inspire, trap is gone, artifact, unknown raw yoyo, speed freak, super star, ignore the xlr8 and macrocosm I didn’t mean to put those in there.

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group 2
ranchero, rockafeller, teh yo, decapod, fools gold arctic circle is gone, inertia in motion inverse

group 3
phenom, amplifier, nessie is gone, monkey fist, dulces, al5, facade

Bump please buy something

bump I want to sell these