Selling 3 ilyy on ebay


Selling on eBay due to having my reputation questioned after a mix up and issuing a refund for a yyf nightmare.

Bump. Everything is just still at the 50$ opening bid

If you dont find buyers and are willing to ship to belgium, PM me

Last 2 hours of the auction now! Fury is still at 50.00
And honestly pretty safe to say all the prices are still really good. Any one interested should get bids in now!!!

Has anybody heard from this seller? I won one of the auctions on September 22. Attacking number was updated on eBay, but it has no scans at all by Canada post or USPS. Also no reply to DMs here on the forum or emails through eBay.

Figured I’d give this a shot before I file a claim thru eBay.

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Yup. Same thing happened to me so I filed a claim and got my money back.

Hey, you need to jump on this fairly soon; you have 30 days from the estimated delivery date to open your “item not received” claim/dispute. You’re guaranteed to get your money back if the tracking info proves it was not delivered or even sent.

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Thanks – I’ll file it today!!

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