See this?

That is a Luminator with extra string.

Well I decided to give this away.

But I’m not just gonna give this away to the first person that randomly replies to this.

I want this to go to someone who doesn’t have a throw yet, someone who wants to get into yoyoing, total beginner, you get it.

So, how does one get this throw?


Reply to this thread with the reason you should get this throw.
Talk about who you want to give this to or why you should get it (Only if you don’t already have a throw!). Ill leave this open untill 9PM PST tonight and Ill go through the replies and choose the person who I think had the best reason.

I obviously can’t be certain that the person replying doesnt either already have a yoyo, or just wants a free throw to mod, so I am relying on the honor system that you are indeed telling me the truth about either yourself, or the individual you wish to gift this to. I can say though, if I do find out somehow that you lied, Ill slice off your eyelids.

Yeah, don’t lie pretty much.

If you’re going to give this to someone, hey, makes you feel legit getting to spread yoyoing to another. And if its for yourself, makes you legit even wanting to get into it.

So on that note.

Let the replies begin.

I won’t say who won but I will reply after 9 to announce that a winner had been chosen, and if you didnt get a PM from me by then, you were not chosen.

Simple as that.

Let it begin.

Gotta Fly.



Got a few PM’s although I actually wanted replies in the thread, haha, no prob though.

A little under one hour left!


A great friend of mine, Erfan, has never used a yoyo in his life(probably). However, he films our yoyo videos, and kinda gets everything when it comes to yoyos. Me and my friend, Philip always try to get him to buy a yoyo, but he never does. Why? Because he’s too busy buying camera stuff so he can film our PV’s! He never has enough money to break down and buy a throw. Therefore, I think this would be a great chance to get him to do so. Then, we can film him playing!

He’s got my vote if it counts. lol :smiley:

Chosen, pm’d
Thanks for playing


It’s always great to see members helping people get into yoyoing!