Secret Santa


Correct. There is no maximum. Just a $20 minimum. Pm me your name and address if you want in.


Please check the stickied thread above for any information on the secret santa. If you pm’d me and are not sure if you are in just check the list.


Would like to have these started again?

({John15}) #24

Yes, what’s the dealio? Can this be a thing?


I’d be interested in doing this, too.


Thanks for helping ‘promote’ the idea!


I agree you’d need a moderator to match up the gifts “blind”
Like value to like value, without regard to the particular individuals.

A yoyo for a multi-tool is possibly going to leave someone less than excited.
A multitool for a pack of zipline is more even.

Or, something is contributed without any expectations, a more altruistic approach.

({John15}) #28

Calling all mods, calling all mods


@jhb8426 @codinghorror @vegabomb


We have done this for quite a few of the last years. I don’t remember who ran it last year.

It may not have actually happened last year… I don’t remember.


Last one was in 2016

(Mark) #32

Is there a way to check/give trade feedback with the current forum software?


Traders feedback section of the forum.

If you guys want to do it, you’ll need to find a responsible, trustworthy forum member to host it. Maybe Joey will do it again, maybe not. Better get started soon though if interested.


@yomagic ?

(Tyler) #35

I would be down for this, but don’t have any trade feedback as I’m newer to yoyo and the forums.


The moderators have traditionally not been involved in setting this up.



(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #38

Moderators get paid extremely well! Most could never afford the cost of involving such rapscallions. :wink:


I know I’m new to the forum and haven’t traded much with any of you; but, I’ve run things like this in the past and wouldn’t mind doing it here, if it means getting this thing off the ground.

Otherwise, consider this a bump to keep it fresh!


yep, same with me!