Second roll in Matrix necessary?

In The Matrix, is the second roll necessary for completing the trick? Or is it an optional move to make it look flashier?

Well technically no, but it’s to make it look better. Might as well do it.

It doesn’t matter if its necessary, you can do what ever you want to complete that trick. But you still need to do the roll.

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Thats the point of the trick. If you don’t do it, you’re not really doing the matrix. You really should do it. Besides, it’s the matrix, and its cooler.

Also, why shouldn’t you do the roll? It’s hard, but you will get it eventually, just practice.

Yeah the roll is what makes the Matrix look so cool. Non-yoyoers love seeing the roll, really trips them out lol. :smiley:

It is part of the trick, for sure. Many yo-yoers have trouble with this part of the trick, but it will come to you.

well its part of the trick. you dont have to do it to complete the trick, but if you don’t your not really doing the matrix. if you do it slow at first its pretty simple. i got that trick in like 15 minuits.

If you want to show off you can skip the roll but you’ll feel soo much cooler doing it

The roll is part of the trick. It is not the Matrix if you don’t do the roll.

yeah doing the second roll is necessary since it’s part of the trick. for me, the second roll helps me bring the yoyo around to go back to double or nothing. without the 2nd roll, you have to pop the yoyo off slowing down the trick and making it less smooth. practice the sencond roll slowly until tou can do it with no problem. from there you can go faster and faster until you eventually get it. Good Luck!!!

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