Welcome all Seattle Yoyo Players! :wink: You have been looking for a regular place to play…now you have one! We started the Seattle YoYo Club so you can play with all those fun & might I had, expensive spinning things on a string! But club meetings in Washington have been sporadic at best. Well no more! The Seattle YoYo Club is hosted by and they have a 2400 square foot, and get this…FULLY MATTED, play space! Complete with parent seating.

Our yoyo club meets every Sunday from 4pm-6pm unless otherwise posted on our Facebook page: Seattle YoYo Club. There is no cost but donations are sugested to help cover the basics of: water, heat, lights, soap, toilet paper, etc. Goto Facebook and “Like” our “Seattle YoYo Club” page and tell your friends! All the details, address, phone, etc, will be there along with photos and more.

Our sponsor, Seattle Juggling also has a full YoYo Shop onsite to take care of all your yo-yoing needs. Our club has many top players from the Seattle area and now we can all get together and have a place to hang out and jam! The club is open to all ages and abilities and anyone who has an interest in yo-yoing! 8)

Could you give a link to the facebook? I tried searching for it but no luck. I’ll be coming back home from college in about 2 months and would love to get in on this.

Our Facebook address is: