Seattle Yoyo Club

I keep forgetting to make a thread on this forum.

If you don’t already know, there’s a yoyo club based out of Seattle and the nearby area.

Meetings are held every couple of weeks (Saturdays) at either the Seattle Convention Center on level 2 behind the escalators or at Crossroads in Bellevue by the giant chess-board from around 1pm to 4pm.

If you’re interested, join the Facebook group “Washington Yo-Yo Club” or just follow the thread. We update periodically on dates and locations.

Sorry for the period of silence, there hasn’t been much chance for a meet.

Current proposal: Saturday at Crossroads 1-4pm, maybe sunday depending on replies. Check the FB event.

It seems that recently, most people have been to busy with school/work to meet. However, there’s going to be a meet this weekend if people so wish. Who can come, and what day/time is preferable?