2yo YoYo Club

The 2yo yoyo club has meetings held every month and is controlled by Josh Yee. You can e-mail him for the next meeting date.


San Francisco California.(I shouldn’t have put "California. I’m wasting my time putting "California)

Would love to attend but across the map(VA) haha

They’re really fun…
do you have any yoyo clubs near you?

can’t go i live in canada. ;D

any yoyo clubs around vancouver delta surrey area

Somehow I never saw this reply… To answer your question, not that I know of but I’m trying to get some yoyo contacts in my area. It seems that none of them have accounts on YYE. I wish I lived in an area that has a yoyo club!

Sorry u can’t come. I met Joseph Harris at one of the meetings, too. . . .