San Diego Yoyo Club

Hello Yoyoexpert!

It’s been a while but the San Diego Yoyo Club is back. We will be meeting this Saturday, the 22nd, outside the Ruben H. Fleet Science center ( from 2:30-5:00 PM. We plan on meeting every other Saturday (except October 6th because of the national yoyo contest). I’m very excited to get everyone back together and back out meeting again. Hope to see you all there and until then,

Keep throwin’
Blaine Shelton

(if you want to get on our Email list Email me at and I will put you on so you get notifications when we will be meeting next)

Note: I’m not Blaine, this is Forrest. I’m just posting this for Blaine.

Next meet will be October 6th, same place, same time.

Same place at 1pm-3pm, November 10th.

Thanks for posting this, Forrest. I was just thinking tonight that it might be cool to have a Facebook page.

Maybe, I should talk to Blaine about that.

Hey all, not to bump an old thread, but does this club still meet? I’m moving to San Diego in the spring, and I’d really like to get invoked in a club.


I think it’s ok to bump this thread–we want yoyoers to be able to reach us in any way! You can also look up San Diego YoYo Club on the Facebooks: