Scratch that.... What's the best bearing for a chief?

Is it an 8 ball?

Does the avalanche also have the same stock bearing

CT. Yes.


center track

No real best bearing, though some of the top contenders are OneDrop 10 Ball, Konkave, Buddha Bearing Co. (Any of the three), Terrapin, Twisted Trifecta, etc.

Center trac

Why is everyone saying CT? There are many, but an 8 ball bearin?

I love the Crucial grooved bearing. I have one in two of my Chiefs and it’s great. Yes it’s a 8 ball bearing but it’s smooth and works like a charm.

I think a ten ball bearing is really nice on the chief.

I’ve been really loving Center Tracs recently. With the right amount of thin lube the bearing’s incredibly smooth and though it keeps the string centered, it hardly detracts from the strength of the yoyo’s binds.

One that spins


As everyone is saying either the CT or 10 Ball, there is one really good option.

Get the Center Trac X from CBC. It is a center trac that has 10 balls.

Mods, please don’t take that down.

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I personally like KonKaves. But it is your preference in the end. I have found that even a regular, healthy bearing can serve its purpose well.

Whatever fits you, my suggestion is trying different bearings till you find one that you like the most ;). Personally i find Center Trac the best for pretty much any CLYW yoyos (keep in mind that out of all the bearings i used to dislike Center Trac bearing the most because of the gritty feel. )

I believe Chris uses Center Trac as the stock bearing for all the recent CLYW yoyos instead of the old standard C-size one for a reason ;). I switch back and forth between OD 10ball and CT for my CLYW yoyos but most of the time i go with the CT, though i used to dislike it a lot in the past.

The original thread title i responded to was what bearing comes stock in a Chief… lol. That said, i do find 10 balls to get dirty and noisy quicker than 8 balls so being that lazy guy i am i actually prefer 8 a lot of the time.

I prefer a normal flat bearing in mine.

I just play whatever comes with the yoyo. Fussing with bearings is not my thing. If my bearing locks up or dies, which rarely happens, I have a few spare 10 balls lying around, that I pop in.

I have some 10 ball grooved concave bearings for sale if anyone is interested. Brand new. Great prices. PM me for more info.

well, the center track that comes with CLYWs are ribbon caged, and are smoother and more durable In my experience.