School yoyo? & what pads?

So I’ve been in the mood to get a new yoyo, something I can bring to school and not have to worry about it. I’m looking at getting either a lyn fury or a pocket change. I want something fun to play with, not sure if you can categorize a yoyo as fun because a lot are.

And what are some good pads for the 2010 FH2 and the Drifter? Stock pads are always super snaggy for me even when they get worn out.

one drops,mighty flea,dreamyo pixy

I’m looking for something cheaper like as I said a lyn fury or pocket change or even a shinwoo plastic if their stuff is good

Projams are the best plastic, EVER. for 5 dollars or less.
as for the pads,they shouldnt be snaggy once they’re worn out… O.o
But, if you want to switch pads, Silicone stickers and Dif-Pads are always a good choice.

For duncan yoyos I would need standard dif-pads right? and has anyone tried the shinwoo techno?

I got a techno yesterday and I cant put it down. With a dry bearing and silicone, its fantastic, and only for $10!

I think I might get the techno then. Anybody know about the size for dif-pads for a duncan?

most of them use sili pads or friction stickers

What size? standard or .555

I always use the standard size dif pads in my FHZ.

If you are looking at duncan stickers I would recommend the duncan sili pads now. They last much longer than the friction stickers. For a FHZ you probably want the 12 mm size. That’s the hole diameter.

I have .555 in my drifter. Becasue I didn’t have any standards. But I would get Satandard Size. The .555 almost bind too loose.

as for what yoyo you take to school, it depends on how comfortable you feel taking one. I’ll take my peak, P1, or even a mint yoyo, because I feel comfortable taking them. In fact, I’m taking my Mint Battosai tomorrow ;D

For an inexpensive yoyo that seems fun I would go with the YYJ Legacy. Though I have never tried one, I have heard great things about it. Also if you’re willing to throw in an extra 10ish dollars you can never go wrong with a protostar.

YYJ journey is a nice playing, cheap, take anywhere yoyo.

I have a legacy and it’s amazing, but not a yoyo I want to take to school. I don’t like the YYJ adjustable gap that much, I have shims but I rather not. I really like the lyn fury, pocket change and techno 2, but I only plan on buying one.

You are aware that the YYJ LF has an adjustable gap, right??

I am aware of that, but it has a wider gap than the journey.

I bring my metals to school… ::slight_smile:

I’ve made a little foam box for protection… but I can understand how you’re wary of bringing that much to school… Just choose a plastic that you feel comfy with. Or maybe not a plastic, depending on your price range.

i take my 54 in my best hat and i do shows

I think I’m going to get the techno 2. It’s something different from everything I have and with some silicone and a clean bearing, if needed, from what I hear should be amazing for only $10.