Duncan SG Stickers vs Yoyofactory Pads

I’ve been getting the yoyofactory cbc pads lately, and i just noticed that duncan sg pads are cheaper.
sg pads = 2 pairs for $4 = 1 pair for $2 vs cbc pads = 1 pair for $2.20.

i’m curious to see whether duncan pads are as good as yyf pads. please don’t vote unless you have tried both.

I like the Duncan More than the white YYF but the yellow and natural YYF more than the Duncan.

what’s the reason?

I always preffered YYF pads, imho they last little bit longer and offers more consistent binds than Duncan pads. SOemitmes I had problem with glue not holding long enough on Duncan SG pads.

But I can sincerely recommend you new One Drop pads, also just 2$ per pair and even though I have them for just week in my yo-yos, they quickly became my most favorite pads.

I like the feel/grippiness better.

Awesome, one drop pads come in 19mm size. How long do they last?

I feel like Duncan pads perform better at the beginning, but wear out more quickly than white YYF pads. I’ve only ever used them in Duncan yoyos though, which may effect my opinion. However, yellow, red, and blue YYF pads really are a step up in performance and I fell that the higher cost is justified.

But One drop pads are the way to go. The clear silicone lasts considerably longer and performs better in every way. Before One Drop released the 19mm pads, I would shave down their flow groove pads to 19mm size. The increased performance far outweighed the hassle.

Flow Groove

I think YYF pads are easily better than Duncan. Duncan’s just wear out way, way too fast. I always use YYF pads. But with all the talk about One Drop’s, I might just have to try those. Never have before.

i agree. i think i’ll start getting one drop pads from now on.

The pads that came in my Strix fell out two weeks later.


Never realised that Onedrop made pads in the 19mm size. Up till this point my favourite response that fit the criteria was the YYF Natural pads, because they don’t slip or wear out as much as the other YYF pads do, but I’ll definately give the OD ones a try.

Its all about Auldey pads meng, it is bigger than every other pads out there.

do you mean better?