New YYF Pads

So recently I received a pack Yoyofactory’s new pads. I thought I would write a review for you guys.

Red Pads: “The Competition Pad” These pads break in very quickly. One throw and you’ve got really snappy binds. The snappy binds don’t really last that long. That’s why they are called competition pads. You get real snappy binds at first and then it wears off. Perfect for being on stage or just performing. Definitely not for everyday play. THE VERDICT: B+

Yellow Pads: “The Consistent Pad” This pad also breaks in fast. I like that. I don’t want to wait for good binds and I’m pretty sure nobody else wants to either. These pads are are better than the red in my opinion because they last a REALLY long time. No joke. You will not have to buy new pads for a month or more. These are probably the best pads I’ve had in any Yoyofactory throw or maybe even any throw. THE VERDICT: A+

Natural Pads: “The Marathon Pad” Very similar to the yellow pad. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the yellow pads and the natural pads play very similar. YYF says in their Buyer’s Guide that it is there longest lasting pad. I think that the yellow ones will last longer with a better sweet spot. I’m not saying the naturals are bad, but not as good as yellow. Good binds. Just not as good as the yellow pad. Everything is compared to the yellow because I think that those are great. THE VERDICT: B

Blue Pads: “The Grippy Pad” LONG break in time. I’m not sure mine are even fully broken in yet. These are supposed to be semi-responsive. They definitely deliver in that department. The responsiveness does not interrupt combos or regular 1A tricks. It is just right. These are great pads for responsive play. If you don’t play responsive, don’t buy these pads. It’s as simple as that. THE VERDICT: A-
Thanks for reading! This is my first review so any feedback is nessecary!


Sorry to be rude, but how can you make statement like this just after 2 days with these pads? I also got same samples, I’m now using also yellow and natural, but I really can’t tell which will last longer, you are just guessing here.

Well the red is competition, I know that, mine have almost been fully worn out. I did a test with white pads and the yellow crushed the competition. Just a prediction backed by a little data.

only tried red and yellow, but i have to agree with you! the yellow
pads are my absolute FAVORITE response system EVER! i have only tried white cbc pads, yyj pags, and dungan sg
pads so far though.