Response Color Question

Just wondering what everyone’s preference for YYF Pad is

Natural or the light pink

Natural :slight_smile: It’s my favorite that I’ve tried


Color doesn’t matter as long as it does the job. Besides. once they’re installed, nobody sees them. But what do I know, anyway???

They’re color coded, each having different properties ^

White for me

Natural pads all the way


I got blue ones. Slim for my shutter what does it do? I feel a more snappy bind.

I have to agree with the Natural pads being the best imo. Perfect level of grip for the string I use, no slipped binds but not too grippy either, one of my favourite responses. :slight_smile:

Blue or Pink.

I know the difference of the colored pads, but what about the natural pads? I have never heard of those until this post.

They’re the off-yellow/brown-ish ones next to the blue ones.

They’re more grippy than the standard white pads and they seem to last a lot longer as well. I see them as a total overall improvement on the standard pads. :slight_smile:

I really like the marathon pads or natural. Perfect balance of response in my opinion. White and blue are also nice.

Cool, I might have to try some out. I have tried all but those.