Response pad question?

Is the yyf 6 pair deal good for a casual yoyoer?
I don’t compete in contests or anything, so the red one that’s included seems useless(same with blue)
Also, which lasts longer the yellow or natural? I keep hearing mixed reviews on both.

Random question: does yye have any really good deals on black friday I should wait for?

I think if you are not competitive than those are right for you. You might also want to consider Carabou pads.

Random Answer If your looking for b grade yoyofactory throws (ano flaw, minimal vibe) then wait for the goodie boxes. Its like $150 of stuff for $60. I also believe they have a sale for the whole site.

Didnt really answer my question, but thanks for info on black friday :slight_smile:
Can anyone comment on the pads?

First, you don’t state what yoyo(s) you want the pads for. Not knowing what the price you’re looking at for 6 pairs of pads, I also can’t state if it’s a deal or not.

I find the standard YYF pads to be ideal for me, if the fit into the yoyo I need them for. The YYF/CBC pads fit YYJ and many other 19mm OD response pad sizes. Pads last a varying amount of time based on play, type of play and sheer amount of play. For most, pads will last a couple of months or more easily. If you’re playing 4-6 hours a day, then you’re going to be going through pads faster. I like to have a small inventory of pads on hand in case I should need something fast. I usually silicone my yoyos whenever I can.

DO NOT consider CLYW pads unless you’re using a CLYW yoyo.

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Sorry I was talking about the yyf variety pack
I’m looking for response for equilateral and shutter :slight_smile:

I really didn’t care for the “variety”. The white regular pads were right on for me. Otherwise, I’d just use flowable, which will work in both the Shutter and Equilateral. I have both of those and they are really good.