YYF Variety Response Pack

Anyone ever buy one of these?

The generic white YYF pads are $2.20, the specialty coloured ones are $3, but the variety back gets you 6 pairs at $10, or about $1.67 a pair. Even if they were all the white generic, it seems like a no-brainer deal to me. Thinking of picking up 5 packs or so.

Also, will they fit in a YYJ Phenom?

I’ve gotten the variety pack before. Comes with 2 pairs of white and 1 pair of each of the others. Some people may prefer to just get the whites in bulk rather than the variety packs because there’s less variation, with the variety pack, every time you put on a new response it’s different. But if you’re not that picky about pads and just don’t care, it’s definitely a good deal.

And to answer your question, yea, they will fit the Phenom.

Wait, there are bulk white packs of yoyofacotry pads? Did not know :stuck_out_tongue:

How different would you say it is? I’m a pretty casual player so as long as it doesn’t come snapping back up to me after 1-2 layers of string i’m fine with it

Nah I meant like some people might prefer to buy 6 pairs of white pads for $12 than 5 different pairs of pads for $10 just for the consistency. A bulk option for white pads would be nice though. I’d totally buy like a jar of 25 for $1.50 a pair. I’m a lazy guy so I’d rather just put some pads in than silicone and wait a day :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you should have an issue. You can really only tell the difference if you’re pretty experienced

I honestly don’t go through response pads at all. I switch yoyos a lot so I haven’t had to replace any for a long time. I actually have a tube of silicone that I’ve only used three times in a year. All of those were for some homemade unresponsive wooden yoyos.