School Throwing


Let me know what you think.


Good stuff. I love that your videos get other people in on the action, even if they’re not throwing. thumbs up



Thanks. I always thought it would be a cool concept, so ive been doing it recently.


I love it!

The concept is soo cool.

(NotATyrant) #5

Do one on Saturday, and include me as absent and that I was missed, because I know I will be…


Ill see if my sister will let me bring her camera so I can get one done.


Awesome. That horizontal combo was beast. Nice ear mount GT as well. :wink:

(Owen) #8

Random people holding the yoyo, they your friends?

And I liked the horizontal combo as well :smiley:


Lucky your school has vending machines.



(Jerrod) #11





your my new favorite yoyoer


Nice Video :). I remember yoyoing through out my highschool from the first day up untill graduation in 2008! I even made a video for video productions haha. You are quite a bit better than I was though!


Awesome man, I bet you get all the ladies with them mad skills :wink:


Haha you know it! :wink:




Whoa ;D

That’s great!





But what does everyone think of you yoyoing? Is it nerdy or popular?