School talent show tips for combos

I’m doing the telnet show and was wondering what some tips were for making smooth combos. I know a good amount of tricks and have them down smooth (up to halfway through expert 2) but I don’t want to make a fool of myself!

Telnet show? I don’t think people are gonna be interested in your mad command line skillz.

Don’t fill it up like a yoyo contest routine. You can do some burners, but you want to make sure you do crowd pleasers.

Rock the baby, walk the dog, any variants on those. Basic stuff like some front-style tricks like brain twister, split the atom, atom bomb, stop and go, the Matrix. They’ll also go for stuff like rewind but do it at slower speeds. Eli Hops and boing-e-boing(including over/under) will make them happy. You can throw in stuff like Kwijibo and Cold Fusion as people like the hopping stuff.

Basically, do some stuff for “you”, do some stuff for them, break it up mix it up, keep your speeds out of the “dude yoyo’s so fast he gotta wear a seat belt” range and more in the speed of moderate whenever possible.

For non-throwers, I find that the big flashy tricks are more likely to impress than melt-your-face-off speed tech tricks. All the tricks Studio42 has suggested are great. If you know any behind the back stuff, that usually gets the yuggles going too. Other tricks that wow the uninitiated that I can think of right now include: gyroscopic flop, Ann Connolly’s ‘magic trick’ (she posted a tute on youtube), suicide, gondola/monorail, revolutions, and any of those really flashy whip and slack tricks.

Most important thing though, is to smile. If you look like you’re having fun, the audience will too!


If only non throwers got technical tricks. :-j

So just keep it simple! Thanks guys!