School Night-Yoyo Video

Its a Thursday Night. Got School tomorrow. Feels like a Friday Night. Got Bored. Started to Yoyo. Representing Yoyofactory… like I always do.
Yoyo Used: YYF 44

From what I could see it looked pretty nice.

Next time try framing yourself a bit better. The camera could have been tilted down a bit so we could see the tricks better.

Oh Yeah. Thanks Man. I tried to work on that, but for some reason the camera wouldn’t point at the angle that i wanted it to. But, Im making a Really Good Quality Video in a Couple Days. :wink:

Just to clear things up he isnt sponsored by YYF he’s a die-hard fan.
(Cody maybe you should not put Representing YYF, because that makes it look like you’re trying to milk the illusion of sponsorship. Just saying. :))

Good video. I liked it.

Oh Haha, i didn’t mean to it that way.
Just Saying that I have only YYF and pretty much don’t throw anything except for Yoyofactory. I just like Yoyofactory that much. there isn’t really any other Company for me. Example:
Yoyojam-They just don’t play stable and smooth enough.
SPYY-Their Yoyos are too floaty (For me)
CLYW-All their Yoyos play the same in my opinion.

So, What I was just saying is that I am a 100% fan f Yoyofactory.
No, im Not Sponsored. It would be nice, but Yoyoing is just for Fun. An Entertainment. :wink:

you need to open up to more than 4 companies

I think that there is nothing wrong with owning yoyos from the four companies he mentioned but yeah its nice to try out different companies. I want atleast onefrom all the main companies in the future.

great tricks! but try to work on the camera placement