Say 'Hi' To The Dingo Twins!

Got these as part of the OD Modder Fodder Kit. Stacked them both using aluminum rod that I machined down. The large bearing one is polished up and uses Flow Groove pads. The small bearing ones is spiral satined, with the hub area polished and is silicone recessed. The large bearing one is smoother, but the small bearing one is a blast to play, too!
The large bearing one has custom Ricestacks that sit as low as possible. I still need to machine a set for the small bearing one so the stacks sit a bit lower.

That’s it, my brain just shut off looking at these. Once again, as always, THESE ARE SICK!!! ;D

me same!

[Sizzle] [Sizzle] Thud
My brain is melting from awsomenss

where do you get a mod father kit

One Drop had a Modder Fadder sale about a month ago. I’m still kicking myself in the butt for not picking up a kit.


I would take those two over a pair of Swedish twins any day of the week!

But seriously though

I probably would

Just saying…

hi, dingo twins