My little Baby...

Additional Pics:

Dual Siliconed, Hubstacked, Shined.

Might be for trade, if you want to offer PM me.


Dude that’s awsome!! Must have taken a long time.

What is it?

My Black Knight :wink:

How did you stack it??

Modding is your friend…

Or my Friend.

Chop off of the Nub and make a little post for the Hubstack.

Awesome i did my first mod today, basically spray painted it and cut the star burst of and put Finishing putty for response lol, with WB 40 overy the axle

That looks sweet!

Nice cheesburger!

With French Fries!

Woah, Evan that is pwnage.

THAT my friend is so very awesome

:frowning: i wish i had some things to trade for it i want it soooo bad

That is so hawt. :open_mouth:

The mod is awesome but its still a cheeseburger!