Finally And Successfully! :D


Sorry for the Bad Quality. (Finally, Because the Spacer fits in the hole, I sculpt it, It’s so Tiresome but worth it! ;))

It’s a China Yo-yo That I Mod, Is It Okay?

(for the mean time, no bearing Because I misplaced it :), I’ll buy one a day or two. :D)


Looks awsome man, nice work on the mod.


That is seriously great! Good work on the paint job. :wink:


Mod section? :wink:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

The paint job is crazy. ;D

(Mark) #5

I love the Bape Shark.

(SR) #6

Interesting and cool! Maybe put this in the modification section.


Sorry guys, I forgot to post in the Section where it is belong, Because I’m “Out of control :D” when I post this topic.