Doctor Mod - Yeah 3


Ok Folks, here’s a new mod of mine. Nothing major, just a repaint and some new response pads (cause the old ones literally fell out.)

Here’s the finished product.

I got this in a trade and loved it right off the bat but it had some dings on it. So I sanded off the anno on everything but the inside. I like to retain some form of “official” branding if possible. It was primed and then, originally, i had the bottom layer of blue, and then white on top. But the masking i used actually messed up the color so the blue looked orange. So, I grabbed some of my Reaper paint and went over it in a deep blue, then a sky blue in that, thus giving you the look you see. A quick clear coat and bob’s your uncle! I did a little tuning on the axle and its smother than ever!

So not bad for something that almost ended in disaster! Oh, and if you use mustard for a masking agent, don’t leave it sit very long or it will stain. toothpaste might work better.

Let me know what you think!


That is a really good looking result. The dark blue outlines really give it a finished look and add some depth. The nice thing with paint on a metal yo-yo is that even if you mess up horribly, you can just strip the paint off and start over.


I want that yoyo.