Red Dead Metal Zero

Not the greatest mod in the history of the world, but not bad.

I just hit it with some read paint, and then found that I didn’t like the rims so I just did some satining(Ish) to it and voila I like it. Plus for just being an old beater that was on it’s last leg I though it would be fun to try and spruce it up. With the new paint on I thought I would try to use some of the extra spacer to make the gap right, and I seemed to fix the little gap problem I was having. Peace.

Certainly looks better than stock.

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Kool mod

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how do you paint stuff? I might be planing to make a yoyo club at school and am trying to learn all i can about mods. Once i painted a hot shot with nail polish and it was uneven and everything. I know theres a "how to paint a yoyo sticky on here but i don’t want to buy an airbrush. (a little light in the wallet, if you know what i mean ;))

This was just spray paint, but if you do this then you can’t thumb grind. Atleast not very well. If you really want to paint stuff with the best of em I’d say find some clear throw, and paint the inner shell stuff. Then you don’t have to worry about the evenness of the paint to much, and it still plays the same.

thank you :). what about if its a solid color yoyo?
i was thinking, apply paint, let dry, sand it smooth without cutting through all the way

I would apply two coats and get a really really fine sand paper, but I haven’t done much in this region. I have done just a tiny bit on the red dead metal, but like I said I haven’t done much.