Questions on moding

I was wondering if I could, say, use normal paint on my yoyos (with an airbrush) or would I have to buy expensive paint. And what preparations should I take so it doesn’t ruin my yoyos.

Well, I don’t know how long it would last, but you could try it. I would recommend doing it on a cheaper yoyo though.

you would want to use a airbrush paint which you can get in a variety of colors at the local hobby shop.

You can get decent results with spray paint if you know what your doing, I dont recommend it but it can be done.

Prepping is the key to any good paint job no matter what your using or doing. If you dont do the prep work its going to show immediately.

For yoyos I will scuff the anodization with 2000 grit sandpaper this roughs it up just enough for the paint to adhere to.

Patience is another key to a good paint job dont rush it. lots of thin coats. You have to get over the desire to just start laying it on thick.

If you do it right, and take your time you will have a nice paint job. If you rush and dont do the prep work then it will show and look horrible.

Good Luck

Thanks, I’m thinking of using a mosquito, seeing as it will be my first mod. Also what if you don’t have a hobby store nearby? Where else could i get some paint?

Get the Mosquito at Sports Challet, and the paint at a hardware store.

They sell mosquitos at sports Challet?! :o

Go to Wal-Mart to get them also.

And if it works with paint, I also reccomend trying further mods with it. (Silicone recces, weight, etc…)

also another question, and I know this sounds dumb, but when you splash it do you just splash paint on then put like a primer on or something.


I guess you can maybe paint it first, splash paint on, then put some seal of some kind on it. Take Paolo’s advice also and mod it in some other ways too. Remember, I am no expert on moding, so I can’t be sure.

Yeah i think i well try modding other things than a paint job. I was thinking for the splash i might put primer on, paint it then splash it, then I would put a clear coat on it. What do you think of that.

Sounds like a good plan.

Very good plan to the best of my knowledge. Like I said I am not the best modder in the world or even a modder at that, so I can’t be sure. But hey, you’re modding a Mosquito, if you mess up, whatever. It’s $6.

Thanks guys, going to walmart tomorrow, what section would the mosquito be in.


Guess so, its just walmart has a lot of stuff…

Last time I went to Wal-Mart… there was no yo-yo’s. You can check though.

If not I’ll try Sports Chalet.


Some Wal-Marts might not have them though, as SR said.

Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:

no yoyos at Wal*Mart at ALL. it’s like they dropped the Imperial stock. (not that i’d buy one.)