"Saturday Afternoon in the Park" - Where I sit in our lovely hobby :)

Little back story, I picked back up on yoyoing in 2010 and practiced up to the intermediate/advanced and a couple expert level tricks up until mid 2012 where I just stopped progressing altogether…basically, you can say I got stuck in a rut until the past couple months, decided to pick back up on yoyoing as it gave me something to do, seeing that my amusement park visits/sessions are becoming less frequent…people either busy or opted to no longer want to even try and hang out anymore. That aside, I needed something to do solo here so I wanted to get back on my feet and start learning some new stuff. I recently started experimenting with real basic combos, but finding things that flow. With this said, here’s where I currently sit with yoyoing, just a little highlight of what I was doing yesterday. Wish I had gotten more slack captured there but it was windy and was having a tough time even landing a trapeze at one point :slight_smile:

And no I couldn’t resist my funky little experiment at the end.

Got that spirit bomb down, nice.