It's been a while. A (too) long while.


I’m at a friends house, and he passed out about three hours ago.

Well… I haven’t been yoyoing much lately, thanks to cubing, gaming (anyone wanna play TF2 :p), drumming, and playing magic. Gotta love being a hobbyist. Anyways, I brought my code 2 that as of September 5th, I will have owned for 2 years, and I decided to try out a trick someone posted on one of my threads asking for slacks and whips.

I haven’t stopped. It feels great! It’s an old string, but man does it feel great to get back into it and already want new yoyos…

After 5 years, I’ve come to realize that yoyoing is a great thing. I’ve seen threads (and have a note of said thread) about how it saved a guys life, and I’ve even to talked to the guys at onedrop themselves, and thanked them for helping me escape (People say I’ve had a rough life with how short it’s been, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about) by creating their wonderful throws.

I’m getting completely off track, but yoyoing is a great thing.

-Zach, the creep :wink:

EDIT: post #666. METAL!!!


Welcome back man!

Yoyoing truly is a great thing. When you stick on your headphones, put on a good tune and start throwing… nothing else matters. :slight_smile:


I feel you. Having a lot of hobbies can take a lot of your free time and sometimes you just don’t feel like doing a certain hobby until a while has passed so just think of it as a refresher, but I’m glad you regained your passion. Welcome back.


Yo, Welcome back.
I remember you.
I also cube and game.
Along with guitar, tuba, diabolo, swords, origami,…well, you get the point.
“Gotta love being a hobbyist.”


The same thing happened to me. I got into a winter ago and stopped yoyoing. I got down to sub 30 averages. I went to summer camp for a month, and then I started yoyoing again. I haven’t stopped since. It was interesting how you can quickly change hobbies. I do it all the time.


I play set and snare for drum line xD feels man.


and i thought i was the only one that is on the snare line AND yoyos… ;D