Where have yoyos taken you?

Have you been transformed since when before you started yoyos and after? It got me off the couch and using my yoyos for the time I would have been watching TV. What has it done to you?

I now have something to occupy my time besides just watching T.V., whether it’s just helping out on the forums or actually yoyoing. Also, it gives me something I can show other people that’s really impressive, as well as difficult, and these people often want to try them out so I am “cool” for a little while at least. =)

Also I have gotten the chance to meet many many people, of whom I will probably end up seeing sometime even though I’m in Kansas and they are in New York or California.


I stop playing computer games and video games now cause of yoyoing ( I was addicted to that hobby before)

thats a good thing right? lol

ohhh yeah!

I stopped playing XBOX completely, I used to play in MLG tournaments almost every night.

I throw instead of watching TV now. Yo-yoing has also gotten me new friends around the world or nation.

To this site ;D

I still spend all of my time on the computer, but for different reasons.

It got me to do something I love. I love entertaining so it’s great for me. I can go to town and just sit there at Stevy’s with my buddies and do yoyotricks. It brings up a lot of conversation and lets me meet people better. Also I picked up my girl friend with my yoyo. One arm grind and it was all over. So yes this chunk of plastic, metal and string has brought me a lot. Not to mention I got to meet so many people on here. ;D Later.

Keep it spinning™

Few fixes =)

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

I was going to put “Here,” but I after reading his post, I figured that that is not what he meant necessarily. It’s more like how it has changed you as a person.

Not trying to argue, but the title was “Where have yoyos taken you?”. So we put “To this site”, but the title and what he wrote don’t really match.

I was thinking that too, but I posted anyways. I just spend more time on the internet and less time watching TV now.

It has allowed me to people. I know it sounds weird but, if I hadn’t started I would have never met other yo-yoers across the world. Because of yo-yoing I have gotten to meet awesome people like: Staale, Kim-Lan, Dalan, Samad, and other people that apparently I cannot remember at the moment.

I used to watch TV a ton and I played Maplestory, a very pointless game now that I think about it…

It HAS changed my whole life.

I started my own yoyo business.

It has really had its ups and downs.

What yo-yo business?