Satin on plastic?

Hey, I was wondering if its possible to satin a plastic yoyo? Sorry if its a dumb question, but I need to know to see if I should get a cheap plastic to practice modding on, and please name what yoyo to use for practice modding

Its only a dumb question if you think it is. Yes, it is possible to satin a plastic yoyo. Its the same Idea as a metal. Plastics are actually easier to satin ((correct me if I am wrong) because the material is less dense, and not as hard as metal.

Thanks, im still a noob :slight_smile: So should a freehand zero be good to practice on?

If you can find some cheap dollar store yoyos that have an axle, you can practice on those beofer you do it to the FHZ. One mistake can ruin your whole throw, so be careful.

like an imperial or butterfly???

mosquitos r good to pratice on

Just asking;
What do you want to archive with satining plastic?
Is it to improove grind?
Take the weight down?
Or even to reshape it?

Well, i did satin my protostar to inprove grinds.

just to practice, so then i can do it on my metals later, and to grind, but how does it improve grinds? do i have to satin the center too?

Well, to practice, i dont think you can only do that to a yoyo.
You can practice on any material, like to practice movenent, pressure, etc.

It make the surface rougher, mean less the yoyo surface touches your skin, so it less the slick effect and more grind time.

You can sand any part on the yoyo that you want to grind on, center for fingger grind, rims for arm grind, depending which part touching your skin.

But i think, blasted metals grind better than satined metals.