FreeHand2 Satining

(M.DeV1) #1

Ok so i have a FH2 that i am ready to really pimp out but first i want to know can you satin a plastic yoyo like the FH2? and if so what grit sand paper do i use.


You can satin pretty much any yoyo. I use 150-220 grits on plastics if you want it to grind.

(M.DeV1) #3

ok well ihave 250 so i think thats close enough


It’s best to satin with varying grits, not only to achieve a better grinding surface but also to keep the aesthetic value. A well executed satin can look amazing.

250 isn’t close enough. Get more sandpaper and even before you head off to Lowe’s use the fancy search button to get a more in depth instruction on how to go about this.

The good news is that if you mess it up…you can try again.


Oh and a word of advice- I found that when satining plastics with a drill and sandpaper, the yoyo, sandpaper, and your hands can get really, Really, REALLY hot. So be careful-I usually use gloves(yes I’m wimpy) or a layer of cloth/paper towels behind the sandpaper.


It’s never wimpy to protect yourself. You should also wear a protective mask. You don’t want to inhale that plastic dust.


I totally agree.

Safety should always be taken into consideration. I’m sure most of the best modders on here are using safety equipment and they KNOW what they are doing.

Gloves is just plain smart. Using protective eyewear is always a good idea when using any sort of cutting or sanding or grinding. Using a mask or respirator is always a good idea. If painting, use a respirator for sure, regardless if the paint is supposedly harmless or safe, as it’s wise to protect your lungs. A mask my be sufficient if you’re grinding, sanding or cutting, but hey, over-kill is never a bad thing. Hearing protection is a good thing too although you can use some judgement. I wear earplugs when I do yard work, but then again, I use my ears to make my income, so I gotta protect them! Use equipment with a circuit breaker or fuses, connected to a power strip for easy kill. Heck, of you can add a GFCI into the mix, all the better.

Always take whatever safety precautions you can, and keep a clean and neat work area. Mess can lead to injuries.


Both of you are suggesting terrible things. You should never use gloves on any rotating machinery. If you aren’t wearing gloves, you might get some cuts and scrapes. If you are wearing gloves, you can get your whole hand or even your arm (depending on the size of machinery) sucked in. It’s better to lose a little skin than to lose fingers or even an entire hand.


OK. Well, it makes sense.

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True. A piece of cloth would be ok though if you are wimpy.


It also makes your fingers stubby so the actual mod will be hard to perform.