M1 Satining Questions about the Result

If I satin my m1 will it:
A: Grind Better
B: Rims get darker/ not shiny/ dirtyish. And if it will, does anything prevent that?

A: no. It grinds well as it is and can’t really get any better.
B: not sure why they would get darker. If you satin it, you are removing the anno(?) layer and exposing the raw metal.

Where you sating it the yo-yo may grind better. It will get shinier where the yo-yo is satined. The area of raw metal may tarnish over time and get darker but this can be reverse quickly and easily.

I meant will satining improve it’s grinding ability- compared to anno.

Also, will using polish affect grind/tarnish?

Yeah, and I answered it as such. It won’t grind better or worse. Polish won’t really affect grinding much if at all.


Many people think that different surfaces grind better when overall they really don’t. Try grinding with plastic. It works just fine.

to make grinding surface better you got to groove it like the p2 but its really hard cuz you got to make precise rounded grooves or it will be messed up i tried with a maverick and failed to do it 100% like one groove on each side is slanted :-\

Apetrunk, but doesn’t erm… Beadblast grind better than plastic and such??? I don’t get you…

Also, is there any pictures of an M1 with the rim stripped?

You would think so, and so did I at first, but it really doesn’t. I can grind just as well with my plastics as I can with my Wedgie.

I think my brain just popped. ???

Apetrunk, you mean that all yoyos grind the same no matter the surface?
And I want to satin because it scratches me on grinds, like it leaves marks because of my dings.

Haha yeah. I can grind with my plastics just as well as with my metals. Many plastics don’t have the nice flat rim like many metals do and thus you have to tilt it, but yeah. I’m sure you aren’t the only person that doesn’t believe this, so it’s cool.

That’s definitely a good reason to satin it.

i only have a plastic… grinds hecca good

If I do… any bad things that can happen? I’m scared. :’(

And will it look good? Because I like the anno, but if it’s only taken off at the rims… I have no idea.

People seem to be calling them blind rims. You can search the forum for some various pictures.

If you don’t do it the exact same amount on both sides, you will have a vibe, but that just means that you want to do one side and then do the other side less and slowly take more metal away from the 2nd side until it’s as vibefree as it was before this.

i guess the blasting vs anno is all just preference. i can grind with any unresponsive yoyo, but the only ones i have are my 5 star and my P2. but i tried a protostar an i could do an arm grind. no finger grinds but arm grinds almost work better