make satined yoyos look pretty?

after to you satin a yoyo, it looks very scuffed. Is there any way to make it look better, while keeping it satined?

Not really. The satined “look” is what makes it grind better. polish it up to make it pretty and you loose that.

yeah, that’s what I figured.

I happen to like it the look of a satined yoyo.

Looks pretty good to me :wink:

What yoyo is that?

Agreed. A nicely satined metal yoyo looks very good. Though I’ve seen some hack jobs that look like they were doe w/50 grit sand paper. Most plastic satin jobs look ugly.

Looks very nice to me.

Reminds me of my TFL and 4XL.

Looks like a Dif-e-Yo to me. Bonechip or something.

Hspin H20 ;D

Polish it after you satin it.

Ah, Bonechip…I love my Bonechip.