Intresting Yoyo Texture

So I bought the Speeder from that guy right? And it had like a million scratches… the guy walked the dog with it!!! :o So I sanded it down, kind of satined it, except I just used a medium grain to steel wool, and then I got a bit sand happy. I decided to sand the sides of the yoyo, the place between the rims and response surface. I used around a 60 grain. The intresting thing is… the yoyo doesn’t feel like plastic where I sanded! It feels…smoother… and less grippy, which I liked… I can’t describe it, so I guess you’ll have to try it. Or have someone really good with words try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what a satin does…lol

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i’ve done it with a lyn fury, i know what your talking about i like it too

I’m gonna try and describe it, felt without the fur.

I did that to my speeder too, it helps a lot with grinds ;D


Its a satin finish.

Many Satin jobs will feel different depending what kind of grit sandpaper or steel wool you use, but in the end, its a satin finish.