what's the difference???

hey guys,

so at the nation, they have a company that’s called oxygene. They have two yoyos there that look a lot a like, and they even say they are the same yo-yo, but one says it’s the “satinized” version and one isn’t. What’s the difference???

PS.The two yo-yos that I’m asking about are the in the middle, and the farthest to the left.

satinizing is a process where they use varying gades of sand paper to finish the yoyos surface. Maybe someone can tell us what grades they use but that is satinized. It helps with grinds.

oh, good because my main trick i like to do is grinds!!!
thank you for your help!

I don’t know how much it really helps with grinds… But yeah. One is probably an anodized version, and the other is satined.

Nope, satin and raw.

And… the satin doesn’t help with binds at all, not sure where that came from.

Oops. Meant grinds. Fixed.

Satined and raw. Gotcha.

Grinds is what I said and if it didn’t help with grinds what would be the point??

Less shiny… wait - that sucks.

It does indeed help with grinds. Less surface area is making contact with the grind surface.

It could look cool.

And mrcnja comes in for the win.