Sandpaper grit for spacers.

Is there a specific grit of sandaper I should use to sand down Duncan spacers?

dont sand them but if ur goin to use like 120

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After you have have sanded the spacer with a grit like 120, sand them with something thinner like 250-300 grit that way the spacers are smooth.

I think he wants to sand them for beefcake, that is the only mod that needs sanded spacers.

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or he could ge the thin thin spaces from ducan and beefcake

Nah, you need metal sandpaper.

I just used 100 grit.

The gaps on my Speed Beetles were too wide. Sanding the spacers worked pretty quickly.

Look up “Raider Mod”, and you will see that a higher grit is used, and it is also suggested that you move the spacers in circles as opposed to straight lines.


use a file