sanded starburst

I have yoyo with starbust responses on both sides,i tried to sand the starburst on 1 side,my yoyo became less responsive but not that unreponsive.Is that okay?

Amount of response is preference. It doesn’t matter what we think. Don’t ask us, “Is that ok?” Ask yourself that. Do you like it better than you did before? Can you do better and harder tricks on it? It’s your yo-yo not mine or anyone else on this forum.

I personally still don’t recommend sanding starburst because if you go too far, you can’t turn back. Recessing is much better than sanding starburst, but as long as you like what you did then it’s ok.

sorry 4 being such a begginer.

thanks,any way what does recessing mean,again thanks.

reason whY i did that is because my yoyo’s starburst is abt. 1/2 an inch long.any why thanks to u to mrcnja.

Please don’t double post. There is the modify post button in the top right corner of each of your posts so that you can edit them. Thanks.

Recessing is giving the yoyo a recess, or cutting into the yoyo so you can have a place to put response such as silicone.

What does the length of the starburst have to do with sanding it?