Sakura, Supra or Punchline repeater

Im wanting to get a new throw but cant really make my mind up and just wanted a bit o advice. Ive narrowed it down to the sakura, supra and the punchline repeater.
Im looking for something thats stable and smooth and I quite like wider throws.
Any help much appreciated thanks.

so I think it will be good if you buy the punchline repeater because it is the widest of all three, it is stable and smooth too

My totally biased opinion says the repeater. I have an original and I love it to death. I’m also a spyy junkie but it and my addiction are my most played with.

I don’t have all of them, I only have the punchline. It is pretty wide, but there is definitly vibe. If you want a big catch zone then supra is probably the one for you judjing by the gap. But the punchline is great at grinds, and looks awsome. But ultimatley the desicon is up to you.

I own the spyy pro and supra… both smooth and vibey depending on your throw. what i like about the V shape throws is how fast they cut through the air. Plus these models make most tricks so easy to perform that it’s almost like cheating hehe.

good luck

These are all great yoyos. I’ve thrown a bunch of Punchlines and never found one to be vibey. The Supra is the narrowest of the three, but probably has the biggest catch zone since the rims on the Sakura and Punchline are so rounded. Honestly, the biggest difference among these would be that because of the beadblasting the Supra and Punchline will excel at longs grinds compared to the Sakura. But if that’s not a big deal to you, pick the one you think looks coolest.