Sacrifice! iPad or YoYo?

You know you love yo-yos so very, very much when you are walking down the stairs and drop your new yoyo and your iPad at the same time…and you save your yoyo from a future of dinged, scuffed, vibey existence and NOT the iPad!

Holy carpfish… Did you whack it with a sledgehammer?
Does it still work?

Eh, they’re overrated anyways.


nah, it fell or more so plummeted down the stairs like a freaking rock…hitting every single step on every single corner of the ipad. funny thing is it didn’t actually shatter until the very bottom. it still works but the glass sort of falls out everywhere now.

So true!
You can get the screen replaced for like 200 but that voids tour warranty (we did that to ours [im on it right now] when I dropped it, but now the screen randomly spazzes out so be careful who you choose if you get someone to do that) or get it replaced by Mac for 400. Probably would be better to get it replaced by Mac. Or you could get some yoyos…

Oh my gosh that’s horrible. iPads are really great too, hope you can get it fixed.

I thought you might have saved the iPad so you could sell it for more money to buy new yoyos. And just wondering, what yoyo was it that you saved?

You can fix the screen for like $100 or less

Or a Legacy


I was carrying my new Drop Bear in one hand and the iPad in the other when the dog tripped me on the stairs and everything just sort of went to he!! after that. But it could have been worse, I could have dropped my yoyo too!

I would have saved the iPad, haha. At least if the yoyo was all dinged up it would still work fine, just look a little beat up.

Try to return it to Apple, claiming that’s how you received it. Works every time… 8)

Wow…you must be really attatched to that yoyo…proud of you ;D

LOL. Funny thing is that it was totally reflexive…they both went flying as if in slow motion and my hand shot out and saved the yoyo as I watched the iPad’s swift demise

My good friend had an incident where his macbook pro was run over by a car. It still works, plugged into an external monitor and keyboard/mouse.

…Apple gave him 50% off a new one.

Do it.
Film it.
Post on internet.

Did you try turning it off and then on again? That might help.

Good choice. I would have saved my yoyo also…